Protected: Transport Management (Config, Macros, Variants, and Process Chains)

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Transport Management   Collection of transports, suggestion collection groups: POS, PA, Cubes, Characteristics, Key Figures, Forecast Profiles Planning Books/Views, macros, alert types If making a change to the planning area such as key figure settings, make sure to re-transport the planning area datasource   How to Collect Transports for Programs: Program Variants Activities Jobs Process Chains   Example: CVC Creation     How to Unlock a Transport (for deletion) Tcode: SE03, Select Unlock Objects then Execute, enter transport number then click Unlock   Copy Program   Enter Program via SE38   Display Variants, then click Utilities, Transport Request   Select appropriate variant, then click...

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Protected: Creating an Infocube and ETL (flat file datasource)

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Creating Infocube and ETL   Create an InfoArea in InfoObjects Create an InfoObject characteristic catalog Create characteristics in the InfoObject catalog Create an InfoObject key figure catalog Create key figures in the InfoObject catalog   Create Infocube to hold shipment data Make sure to add Time dimensions such as 0CALMONTH, 0CALYEAR, ETC. Make sure to add Unit dimension such as 0BASE_UOM Make sure to add InfoObject 9AVERSION TO Dimension 1 Create a datasource (can be flat file or a system delivered – i.e. selected from the Business Content directory if enabled) Create a transformation (maps datasource to cube) Create an infopackage (sends flat file to psa) Create data transfer process (loads psa to cube)   For APO DP: Characteristic type should...

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